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パーマカルチャーの本で出会ったgift economy(贈り物をし合うことでまわる経済)というのを試してみたくて、gift englishと名付けました。











my life is my art

新潟県 ブログランキングへ

I set up new blog in English: Niigata Photory.


Photo + Story in Niigata.


We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Art Workshop “artist friends”.

Following “The Artist’s Way” written by Julia Cameron, the purpose of this workshop is to be more creative and make artist friends.
Date: 10:00-15:00, Sunday, September 18, 2011
Place: Mitsubaki (Kanoe 227, Nakajo, Tokamachi City, Niigata)
Fee: 3000 yen (workshop and handmade materials of your choice, including Onigiri lunch)
RSVP by Sept 17
kyoko @ c-l-n.jp
TEL: 025 - 788 - 0001

CLN | Community Leaders Network


CLN | Community Leaders Network organizes monthly workshops at local restaurants for networking and learning from each other.

This is our first meeting in Tokyo. My friend cook will prepare for buffet style lunch. She won the second prize at the cooking contest in Japan.

I would like to share with you about entrepreneurs I met in the Netherlands too.
Community Luncheon Meeting vol.41
Date: 12:00-17:00 Thursday, August 18, 2011
Theme: Learning from foreign entrepreneurs
Place:  Mishuku, Setagaya-Ward, Tokyo
 (10 min walk from Ikejiri-Ohashi station on Den-en-toshi Line)
Fee: 5,000 yen including lunch, drink and dessert
Organized by CLN | Community Leaders Network

English-Japanese language supports are available.
RSVP by Aug 15


CLN websites for both PC and mobile are updated.

CLN| Community Leaders Network envisions a world in peace where the different languages and cultures are respected and appreciated.
CLN provides online language coaching to master Japanese or English. We support clients to find the best ways to learn and make action plans to pursue.

 Coming Up
  ・2011.10-12 Teaching English Class at Niigata Agricultural College.
  ・Mondays and Fridays 16:30-19:00 Radio announcer at FM Tokamachi 78.3MHz

● Profile
  Kyoko Ode, Language Coach
 Kyoko Ode is a Japanese language coach. She developed language coaching method, combining her coaching experiences and language skills. She started CLN | Community Leaders Network in 2004. She helps her clients to master Japanese or English by online communications. She supports them to find the best ways to learn and make action plans to pursue.
Kyoko provides English Coaching classes at Niigata Agricultural Collage and Coaching seminars for the local government and private corporations. She also works for community radio station FM Tokamachi as an announcer. She is a board member of Niigata NGO Network.
● Programs
  Online Language Coaching 
  Nihongo (Japanese Language) Coaching 
  English Coaching
  Coaching Seminars
  Niigata Agricultural Collage English Coaching
  Networking Entrepreneurs/ Local artists
  Entrepreneurs seminar, workshops for artists
  Japnese-English Translation and Interpretation
● Contact
  Muikamachi, Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata 949-6635 Japan
  Tel 025-788-0001 

I packed my suitcase. I had to wear a tie, for the first time in my life.
We arrived at a factory, where the famous designer Piet Hein Eek works.
There was his presentation and walking tour of the building.

I found some of my host families and people I met in the last 4 weeks.
How nice!
We had one minute for each to present our experiences.
I was nervous. But that was the best I could do.
I liked Shin, Shuri and Dai’s speeches. We all seemed to change through the program.

We sang Heal the World together.

GSE program in the Netherlands is finished. We will have to give presentations and write reports and evaluations later in Japan.

We have some free time in Amsterdam before flying back to Japan.

I had a free morning. I worked for the presentation at the district conference tomorrow.

Mark drove me to Story Sound by his 38 years old car. He is 38 years old.

In the afternoon, Michael drove me to Aquabest again. The stage looked different from yesterday. They worked hard over the night. Still there are many things to do before the sound check.

I was interested in how the event organizers attract participants.

Michael taught me 2 sites for buying tickets and for reviewing the events.
Party Flock
We had to leave for the meeting of RC Wamel-Maas en Waal.
After the meeting we went to Nick's birthday party.

I didn't say good-bye when I left.
Because there should be another chance to meet.
It has to be.

Michael drove me to Aquabest where they prepare for the housequake on Saturday.
Barney designed the stage.  It looked as same as the animation film he made.
Story Sound staff members work with the construction company and the light company. Michael doesn’t touch the equipment, but communicate well with people. He seems solving problems and helping things to go smoothly.
The atmosphere is relaxed. They all looked happy to work for the event.

After dinner Mark took me to a nice walk to the river.
Mark is an entrepreneur. His wife Chris is a designer.
I wished I had more time to talk with them about their work and life.

We stopped by Michael’s house. Michael is preparing for his son’s birthday party.

One of our GSE members Dai came to Story Sound today.

Something was happened last night and Michael had to work until 4am.
Dai's host family Peter drove us to Deventer to see the air force orchestra “Tribute to Michael Jackson” and its preparations.

Deventer is very nice town to walk.

It was very interesting to talk with Bram, the freelance tour manager. 
They use very expensive small speakers as the monitor for each player. There is no monitor on the stage. The desks are custom made.
Story Sound uses line-array sound system. It provides you the quality sound in every sheet in the theater.

Yes, it did. We were sitting on the second floor. The sound touched me to cry. I was also fascinated with the vocals. 7 females sang Michael Jackson songs.

We had to leave during the break. It took us one hour to drive back. I arrived at my new host family’s house around 11pm.



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